Leap of Faith

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"Leap of Faith" is the happiest uplifting song I've made so far.^^ Composing sad or dark music comes more naturally to me, so this piece is quite special. 

Hope it inspires you in some way, or just reminds you to take a leap of faith no matter what.. :)


Here's a lovely poem written specifically for this piece:

'Winds blows a solid breeze
Chill to your hair, chill to your knees
What a lovely scent is the odorless wind
What do I smell, you ask? Freedom of course
It courses through my veins, courses through my heart
When the music comes through my ears, I don't yet want to hear
Yet, I can't stop, the music is an invadable force that cannot stopped
When it enters, my imagination flows, nonstop, the stories, the worlds, the characters
They are all brought to existence by the sound of calmness and music. This combination is one simple word.
By Ashus Verlani


Beautiful, isn't it!?
If you're into poetry, feel free to check out more of Ashus's brilliant poems in AllPoetry.



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Artwork Credits: Larisa Koshkina



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