Song of the Crows

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"Song of the Crows" is my original soundtrack of a beautiful emotional scene from Crooked Kingdom, sequel to Six of Crows by the incredible author Leigh Bardugo.

This piece is about the last scene of Kaz and Inej together. It was very beautiful it made me cry, so I had to compose a piece for it, I just had to!

Crooked Kingdom is one of my favorite books ever, and Kaz and Inej are definitely one of my favorite couples! The ending is absolutely perfect. A great way to end the story.. Although I really hope the author will write more about these amazing characters. All of them will stay in my heart forever, I feel inspired just thinking of them.. 

No mourners, no funerals. 🖤 


The Download will be delivered immediately after purchase.

This download includes a .RAR file containing:

  • WAV file (Higher quality sound)
  • Cover Art
  • The Book Soundtrack Video (If you haven't read Crooked Kingdom, please do not watch this video unless you wish to see spoilers! :p)

This is a large file, so for best results I recommend to download it from a desktop/laptop, preferably not mobile. Thanks! :)


Thank you for your support! I appreciate all of you. 💜



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